Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Issues of dirty water and alcohol

Hello GlobeMedders!  

For the past couple of weeks, the members of GlobeMed have been grappling with major current issues and brainstorming possible solutions.

The first issue brought to our attention by ghU was the Flint Water Crisis.  If you haven't heard, the water in Flint, Michigan is contaminated with lead, creating a serious health risk.  Residents of Flint have been given water filters and bottled water for the time being while possible solutions for the water crisis are being sorted.  Unfortunately, a video by a Flint resident shows that the water filters given to them did not properly filter the water whereas a more expensive Brita filter was able to filter the water.  With this, and other facts, in mind, GlobeMedders brainstormed on possible short-term and long-term solutions for the crisis.  Ultimately, it became clear to all of us that the best way to provide clean water for every Flint citizen is to replace all of the pipes, which sadly requires lots of time and money.

Another issue brought up by ghU was a recent announcement by the CDC regarding women and alcohol.  In short, the announcement recommends that women of child-bearing age who are not taking birth control should reduce their intake of alcohol as it can cause complications for the fetus if pregnancy were to occur.  The announcement is shown below.  Please note that this is the edited version that the CDC released after receiving criticism on its initial version.

While the facts are true and backed up by extensive studies, the method of presenting the facts caused controversy among the public.  As an exercise, GlobeMedders were asked to split into two groups and assigned a side to argue for: in defense of the CDC or of the public.  What do you think of this announcement?  We'd love to hear your input on both the Flint Water Crisis and this CDC announcement!

As for announcements, GlobeMed will be hosting one of our biggest events of the year: Date Auction!  This event will be taking place on February 27th and we'd love for you to join us.  Date Auction has received lots of controversy regarding its name in the past years, with many students misunderstanding the event.  To make things clear, we will be posting an upcoming blog with more details on Date Auction so stay tuned!  As always, funds raised from Date Auction will go towards helping Pastoral de la Salud.  Make a date.  Make a friend.  Make a difference.

See you next week!


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