Wednesday, December 9, 2015

10 Days of Global Health

Hey guys!
          These past few days, GlobeMed has been involved with other organizations in promoting awareness about public health through our ongoing campaign, 10 Days of Global Health. The World AIDS Day Benefit Dinner last week was a great success as we learned more about the challenges people face in understanding this disease in the context of their culture and sexuality. Our keynote speaker was Professor Suzanne Leclerc-Madlala, a renowned anthropologist who studies culture, sexuality, and HIV in Africa. She has also helped develop several HIV policies in South Africa.
          On Wednesday, we had our This I Believe event. This was based on an NPR program where listeners were encouraged to speak about their beliefs and respect those of others. At our event in the Powerhouse, people shared what they want to see from the world. We also participated in fun jewelry-making at this event and ate some awesome pizza.

        Our last and upcoming event is the Human Rights Day Dinner on Friday in the Friedmann room at 6 pm. Come to hear faculty members talk about their beliefs and experiences on human rights and discuss what human rights means to us. There will also be awesome food from Pasta E Basta and tearolls from Fresh Side!! It will be a fun way to explore the challenges of human rights with great company.

         Also, remember to buy your ugly holiday sweaters from Keefe this week. We have a great selection to supply all your festive needs. Thanks so much for supporting all of our events.  We hope you learned a lot about issues of global health!

Until next time,
GM <3

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