Monday, November 9, 2015

More Than a Single Story

Hello everyone,

GlobeMed is revving up for its many upcoming events in the following weeks, especially some big ones you for which you should be on the lookout come December.

We have decided to split up into our houses and take trips to nearby thrift stores to purchase ugly sweaters for our Ugly Sweater Christmas Sale.  We're expecting a variety of sweaters in a variety of sizes and we hope that you'll support our sale in exchange for a fantastically ugly sweater that you can show off at Christmas dinners with your family.

The 10 Days of Global Health will also be taking part in early December and we will be sending out flyers and creating Facebook events after Thanksgiving Break.  Keep in mind that our purpose with The 10 Days of Global Health is to link each day with the next in order to create an overarching message about global health.  We want to raise public awareness as well as provide everyone a wonderful time when they come to our events.

In our immediate horizon is an Instead Of Sale.  You can buy coffee and donuts at Starbucks but instead of going all the way there, why don't you get coffee and donuts with us and also support our cause?  A Facebook event will be coming up with specifics.

Aside from our shameless advertisements, we do have important questions for you to pose.  Tonight, for ghU, we were asked to come up with words on the board that come to mind when we see "El Salvador."  It was no surprise that phrases such as "gang violence" and "teen pregnancy," alongside other negative words, predominated the board.  Although it's important to keep in mind the issues going on in El Salvador, it's also important to remember that there is more than "a single story."  Going off of this, Fellowships was able to show us the beautiful photos taken during their trip to El Salvador to bring to light the beauty of the mountain silhouettes adorning every photo, the look of safety and genuine happiness in the eyes of the elementary school kids, and the passion that emanates from all of the leaders of the community that Partnerships visited in El Salvador.  El Salvador has many stories and if we just sat back and listened, we'd see both the beauties and the hardships.  But the problem is that the single stories we hear come from the news sources that highlight the negative aspects of El Salvador as the positive aspects would definitely never make the front page.  So what can be done to prevent us from seeing "a single story?"  This is admittedly a hard question but if you're willing, we'd love to hear your thoughts on this.  Also, our discussion was based on the ideas brought up from this TED talk, which we highly recommend:

As always, we appreciate the support and have a wonderful week.

GM <3

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