Saturday, October 31, 2015

Off to a good start!

Hello everyone!

GlobeMed is up and running for the beginning of Fall 2015, with new and ambitious members.

So far, we've had the privilege of welcoming Ellen Billard, the co-founder of Road to Mafraq, to Amherst College for an informative and emotionally inspiring speech.  She shared with us her inspiration for starting Road to Mafraq and how she believes supporting the children of the Syrian refugee crisis, through providing access to education and healthcare, will have a big impact on the future of the refugees.  It was an insightful presentation and really put into perspective the difficulty of the conditions in which the Syrian refugees are placed.  If anyone would like to learn more about Road to Mafraq, including ways to contribute to their cause, feel free to visit their website:

On another note, Homecoming weekend has come and passed.  GlobeMedders were tabling for the Homecoming game and selling koozies in order to help raise money.  Although it was a chilly afternoon, it was well worth the effort as we were able to raise enough money to profit from the sales.
Thank you so much to everyone who helped support our cause!  You make GlobeMed possible. We're always looking for new ideas to expand our program, either through spreading public health awareness or helping with fundraising.  If you have any ideas, please comment below!

As always, our GlobeMed meetings are insightful.  This recent meeting, ghU brought up the issue of sex education in America.  We were shocked to find that only 22 states in the United States mandate sex education as a required class and only 13 states require that the information from sex education classes be medically accurate.  This inconsistency of sex education in America causes many problems for teens, especially in the states that don't require sex education as a class.  What are your opinions on sex education?

Lastly, Partnerships brought to light the gang violence prominent in El Salvador.  In the podcasts and pictures they showed us were victims of gang violence, both of whom were young girls.  In both cases, the young girls were targeted for trivial reasons.  Gang violence appears to reign over El Salvador like a dark cloud, leaving those who become victims of gang threats with nowhere to go and no one to go to.  In one of the stories, the sister of the girl who was killed witnessed her death and believes the gangs will target her next.  Her parents can only hope to smuggle her to America in order to save her.  We discussed ways on which the issue of gang violence can be solved in El Salvador and also the implications that arise from the victims of gang violence, such as the role of women.

On a lighter note, we'd love to hear what you have to say about all of the issues mentioned.

As always, have a great week.

GM <3

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