Thursday, March 5, 2015

La Autoestima (Self-Esteem)

Hey everybody!

We're back with another update on how GlobeMed is faring at Amherst College.

We have instated our new executive board, and we're excited to see how our new e-board members will carry on the GM legacy next year. But, we would particularly like to thank all our faithful staff members who are the reasons why GM is as great as it is today. Thank you GlobeMedders! We would be nothing without you guys :)

This past staff meeting, we took a trip down memory lane as we discussed about previous ghU topics. Last academic year, we discussed public health topics from "All Around the World." And, this year, we explored how to tackle public health issues in ways that were "Outside the Box." It's been a long journey filled with remarkable discussions and presentations, and we're excited for the more ghU insights to come.

For partnerships, we did a cool activity: we replicated one of the workshops that was conducted this past summer in El Salvador. We got into our houses and wrote on posters what self-esteem meant to us. Originally conducted by Pastoral workers with young teenagers, this activity is a reflection of how, back in El Salvador, an adolescent's low self-esteem is often taken advantage of by gang recruiters. Pastoral de la Salud believes that, by raising young leaders within schools to become more confident and to take more ambitious initiatives, this workshop will help shape the younger community overall. On a less serious note, maybe we should re-introduce the "power pose" to Pastoral and our fellow GlobeMedders as a way to boost our confidence??

Anyways, why don't you comment below on what self-esteem means to you?

Hope all of you are hanging in there and looking forward to spring!

Until next time,
GM <3

(Below are photos of our self-esteem posters and Queen Bee showing us how to power pose!!)


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