Monday, February 16, 2015

Word Day of Social Justice

I know. I know. You've been going through withdrawals, right?

Fear not. We're back to share the GM love <3

For this week's staff meeting, we began with a fun community event. Without speaking, members had to form a circle. Easy enough. What's the catch, you ask? Everyone had to stand in order according to his/her birthday. We managed to successfully form the circle (all thanks to our Amherst education), and we also discovered that two pairs of people shared the same birthday with each other! Then, Calvin the Crab, who lives with the Member of the Week, has found itself temporarily under the care of Christine, who did a great job collecting/organizing money during our Date Auction event.

Which leads us to our next topic! Date Auction was a huge success! Thank you everyone who came to support us and thanks to all our wonderful participants who strutted their awesomeness on stage. We earned around $2,600 and that wouldn't have been possible without YOU :)

For Partnerships, we are finally drafting our Partnership Action Framework, and we are excited to see how the money we raised will support Pastoral de la Salud train 50 local volunteers to become Community Health Workers in their respective parishes.

And, last but not least, GlobeMed is hosting a week-long campaign in preparation for World Day of Social Justice this Friday! We will be asking students on campus to write what they think would make the world a better place and taking photos of them holding their statements. So, keep your eyes open for photos on our Facebook page. Also, on Friday, Globemedders will walk around with balloons so that other students can easily spot us and ask us about what social justice issue we're passionate about and what GlobeMed does in terms of social justice.

We end this blog by asking you to think about what you believe would make the world a better place (or what social justice issue you are concerned about).

"The world would be a better place if...[insert your viewpoint here]"

 Have a lovely week~

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