Thursday, February 5, 2015

GM stands for General Motors right?

Hey ;)

So, we just wanted to clarify.... GM does NOT stand for General Motors. It stands for GlobeMed!! And, what do we do at GlobeMed, you ask? Well, as one of the most active clubs on Amherst campus, our mission is to raise funds to support our partner, Pastoral de la Salud, a public health organization in El Salvador. We also raise awareness about global health iniquities as well as promote how, even as students, we can make a difference.

Anyhoo, our weekly staff meetings include community team builders/ice-breakers, ghU (which could either stand for global health U or global health University...), and partnership updates/info sessions, just to name a few.

This past meeting we had the cool opportunity to watch a brilliant presentation (by lovely Camel) showcasing our finances from last semester. We're happy to say that we raised around $4000 to date! We especially wanted to thank those who helped make this happen. GlobeMed would be nothing without you all.

Also, Partnerships showed a video that displayed the dire conditions of gang prisons in El Salvador. We saw that men, young and old, lived in overcrowded living spaces that definitely fell below safe living standards. We'll definitely discuss more about gang problems and global prison issues in the next few meetings.

We, then, transitioned into a fun and stimulating debate on Obama’s proposed $1billion foreign aid investment in Central America (including El Salvador). Each team had to argue for a specific case, and many members brought to the table very interesting points. Likewise, we see this as a potential opportunity for advocacy work!

Last but not least, GM members and supporters, please attend Date Auction on Feb. 13 at 7pm. Make sure to save the date!!! It'll be fun and exciting and all funds will support Pastoral workers in conducting much-needed projects for the Salvadoran communities.

Keep your eyes open for other GM events and have a great rest of the week.

Stay warm from the snow,

GM <3

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