Thursday, November 6, 2014

It’s November!

This week’s staff meeting was kicked off by a tally of points for the four houses, with House Farmer in the lead. Points were awarded for tabling at GlobeMed events as well as winning various activities during meeting time.

We then turned over to ghU and wrote our reactions towards a cartoon of black and white Ebola patients. Continuing the discussion of Ebola, we watched a news video regarding Kaci Hickox, an American nurse returning from treating Ebola patients in Sierra Leone, who was quarantined against her wishes. She felt she had no reason to be quarantined because she showed no symptoms and tested negative for the disease. GlobeMed members were split into two teams, arguing for and against the use of quarantine.  Our conclusion was that while quarantine prevents the spread of Ebola to some degree, it also causes unnecessary fear among the public and inconveniences for returning volunteers.

In addition, partnerships created an informative, artistic, and thought provoking picture gallery regarding gang violence in El Salvador. After going around the gallery, members reflected on the causes, effects, and current status of gang activity. Topics of conversation included the mental health of gang members, the treatment of women, and if it was possible to leave a gang. 

On another note, we will be continuing our trend of successful campaigns during Homecoming this weekend. Come check out our koozies!

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