Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Happy Halloween

Hello Everyone!

At this week's staff meeting, our executive board had decided to switch things up a bit. While we usually start off with a fun community building exercise, this Monday, we launched right into an interesting ghU/Partnerships activity.

Our club members were divided into four groups, each tasked to perform one skit encompassing an aspect of El Salvadoran society. One team focused on the "chicken-and-egg" situation present in El Salvador in regards to the economy and gang violence. The dilemma was that the lack of income encourages youth to join gangs for quick money, yet increased gang violence hinder any investments that can spur on the nation's economy. Another team presented an interesting court case between the Coca Cola Company and representatives of child laborers. This skit revealed the harsh reality of how child laborers are being hired by local companies, whose patron is Coca Cola, and suffer from unfair, dangerous working conditions. Coca Cola has yet to be held responsible. The third team acted in a hilarious game show hosted by Caesar Flickerman (a.k.a our very own communications director, David Dickinson). Caesar Flickerman interviewed a woman named Daisy, who has successfully secured a job that allowed her to provide income alongside her husband. Last but not least, one team performed a very artistic representation of how a teacher in El Salvador teaches her students: fun, creative yet informative ways.

The night ended with our staff being divided into four "houses" (a system similar to the one found in Harry Potter). Named after a famous figure in public health, each team drew an emblem to represent themselves. We are hoping that our members will find a closer knit of people inside the club as all of us try to earn points for our house during ghU and more!

It was, all in all, a very enjoyable evening. We look forward to GlobeMed's Halloween party this friday and the many more events to come.

Also, congratulations to Ricky Choi for being selected to be this year's GROW coordinator!

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