Thursday, April 17, 2014

Thoughts on Summit

Last week, we got to hear from our chapter members who went to the GlobeMed Global Health Summit at Northwestern. Here's their presentation and a few thoughts:

_focus on building a sustainable program that will be able to be sustained after we leave our partnership
_work on getting high schoolers involved in our initiative`` become a bigger organization

- One of my biggest takeaways was really being able to get a sense of how expansive and supportive the GlobeMed community is. It was amazing to be in a room of over 300 people who are passionate about global health and are working to make a change in the world. There was really a sense of community and family in a room full of strangers, which was such a surreal experience.
- Each of the panelists and the speakers brought something different to the table, a different way of viewing and approaching global health inequality. The importance of collaboration and investing in people was really emphasized - that building a network of people to allow for the exchange of ideas and provide support for NGO’s, grassroots organizations, and individuals is crucial to continue to make strides towards global health equality. This really connects with what we do with our partner organization in El Salvador. Even though fundraising for workshops to teach skills to the community is not as “sexy” as building a school or a medical center, it can make a more long-lasting and sustainable impact. 

The 2014 GlobeMed Summit reaffirmed my commitment to GlobeMed's mission. Part of GlobeMed's official approach is to create "a generation of young people equipped to transform the world." At Summit you can see this idea come to fruition. In small group discussions with collaborative GlobeMed members from around the nation we discussed solutions to the problems other members were facing on their respective campuses. I was also inspired by how many panelists gave us useful information and tangible goals that they challenged us to achieve. For example, during a panel on global health education inequalities, Tomás Magaña, founder of FACES for the Future Coalition, challenged GlobeMed students to be a mentor to younger people and educate them about the importance of global health equity and social justice. Also, the keynote speaker Dr. Prabjhot Singh challenged us to speak our "big ideas" aloud. These calls to action really challenged me to think about my values, goals and "big ideas." Overall, interactions with panelists, speakers and other GlobeMed members made the 2014 GlobeMed Summit and inspirational event that I will always remember. 

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