Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Message From Our Co-presidents

Hi everyone! As the Co-Presidents of GlobeMed at Amherst College, we are super excited to welcome you to another great year. This will be the fourth year of GlobeMed's existence at Amherst and so far we have sent 12 students on GROW internships to visit our partner organization (Pastoral de la Salud) in El Salvador, raised over $20,000 to support projects in the three communities served by Pastoral, volunteered 100+ hours at a local Amherst homeless shelter, and sent Amherst students to Evanston for National Office Leadership Institutes and Global Health Summits to interact with the national network of 55 chapters including over 2,000 students every year.

This summer, Pastoral successfully completed a three part nutrition project targeted towards children under five. The project involved workshops on proper nutrition for parents, collection of weight and height data across rural communities to identify need, and the construction of ten community gardens to provide a sustainable source of nutritious foods. This important work was accomplished through the successful fundraising of $11,000 last year. Thank you so much to all of our supporters who made this possible and all of our staff members who sent emails, organized events, and worked tirelessly to support our partner. Pastoral sends their deepest gratitude and looks forward to sharing pictures of the nutrition project in the coming weeks.

As we speak, we are working with Pastoral to develop an equally impactful project to support in the coming year. Look out for an announcement in about a month!

We can't wait to see all of you again and welcome new members to our organization! This year we hope to develop an even more sustainable model for GlobeMed at Amherst, strengthen our partnership with Pastoral, and create meaningful connections with other organizations, GlobeMed chapters across the country, and the Amherst community as a whole.

See you all soon,

Jaya Tripathi '14 and CJ Bernstein'15

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