Friday, April 26, 2013

Our second blog post comes Imani Marshall, a freshman at Amherst.  She joined GlobeMed just this year, and she gives a fresh perspective on the summit and the GlobeMed model.

The GlobeMed  2013 Summit: "The Student Momentum" was a life changing experience. Attending the Summit reaffirmed my interest in a career in public health and public service. I also was encouraged by the presence of GlobeMed members from universities and colleges around the country. I gained confidence that Amherst's GlobeMed partnership with El Pastoral de Salud in El Salvador was not a small insignificant effort by a small group of eager undergraduates, but was part of a larger movement of young people committed to improving the health of the world in the most holistic sense. I was empowered by the passion I saw in the students and professionals around me who were committed to creating innovative solutions to the world's plethora of problems and who saw the essential role youth would play in international problem solving. I have returned to Amherst with a special pride in our GlobeMed chapter and the work we accomplish and a renewed vigor for public service that I plan to share with the Amherst community and the rest of the world. 

                                                                               - Imani Marshall '16

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