Tuesday, November 27, 2012

One of the key parts of the GlobeMed experience is our yearly trip to visit our partner organization in El Salvador, El Pastoral de la Salud. Every time, we are reminded of the sacrifices that a few individuals are willing to make in their commitment to public health, and this year was no different. The entire Pastoral operation is run almost exclusively by five tireless and endlessly strong women. Not only do they oversee activities in three different regions of El Salvador, but they also single-handedly organize a multitude of projects and workers in their local communities.

One instance that we found particularly powerful was when a local teenage boy gave a presentation about the difficulties related to public health in his own community of La Loma y Media. He spoke passionately and unashamedly to groups of older men and women of the community, as well as local government officials, about promoting health via educational talks, training workshops, and coordination of local volunteers. His message helped reaffirm our own belief in the GlobeMed mission and in the importance of voluntary youth involvement in promoting public health. His enthusiasm reminded us why we ourselves became involved with GlobeMed, and of the critical role that we can play in effecting positive change.

Please help us to continue to expand Pastoral’s impact and to support the empowering work it does by making a donation to GlobeMed at Amherst College. We appreciate any contribution you are able to make at this time. Even if you are unable to donate monetarily, we ask that you spread awareness about our partnership in the growing movement towards global health equity. To promote effective change, awareness is the first step.

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